1. Systematic approach to pre-operative assessment and optimization
- Dr. Hanumanth Rao Isa Kanyakumari
2. Intraoperative Monitoring: What is Necessary, Useful and What is Futile ?
- Dr. Anita Shenoy Download pdf file
3. Diagnosis and treatment of cardiac complications in the peri- operative setting
- Dr. Suresh Nair Download pdf file
4. Pathophysiology of respiratory failure
- Dr. Nagmani Nambiar Download pdf file
5. Techniques for lung separation and conduct of one-lung anaesthesia
- Dr. Thomas Koshey Download pdf file
6. Perioperative renal protection
- Dr. AL Meenkshee Sundaram Download pdf file
7. Choosing the anaesthetic for ambulatory surgery—General, regional or local anesthesia with sedation ?
- Dr. U. Murlikrishnan Download pdf file
8. Essentials of neuromonitoring
- Dr. Srilata Download pdf file
9. Clinical anatomy for airway managment and vascular access
- Dr. Ashok Download pdf file
10. Clinical anatomy for CNB and PNB
- Dr. Anuradha Download pdf file
11. Pharmacology of vasoactive drugs
- Dr. Venugopal Kulkarni Download pdf file
12. Physiology & pharmacological aspects of neuromuscular block
- Dr. M. Kannan Download pdf file